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How much time do you spend creating your synagogue's calendar each month?  Did you just wish you can tell it the logic you use to create your schedule and let the software build your schedule for you each month and years out?

ShulCloud's synagogue scheduling software does just that!

Using our advanced algorithms to determine the Zmanim for your shul's location, we let you build rules around the Zmanim to make up your minyanim and shiurim.

For example, let's say your mincha minyan is always 15 minutes before sunset, rounded to the nearest five minute.  You just tell the software that logic and it will add a mincha minyan rule on the calendar.  You can set up fixed time rules, zmanim based rules, holiday rules for both Jewish days and secular days, and rules to have a event show up or not.

You set up your rules and let the software build our calendar for you.  It saves you time, headache and helps members see schedules and times years out.

This technology is patent pending.