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Wouldn't it be nice if you were able to display the local Jewish halachic times (zmanim) on your web site?  Wouldn't it be really nice if those times were based on your congregations location versus the city's centroid location?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could customize those zmanim based on the shul's customs?

ShulCloud can help!

The Zmanim widget is standard on all packages within ShulCloud.  The times are based on the exact longitude and latitude of your synagogue's location and not based on the city's center.  The times can be customized based on your shul's customs and variations.

The zmanim widget does all the calculations via complex algorithms that determine most of the popular Jewish halachic times.  They include Alos Hashachar (Dawn), Earliest Tallis, Netz (Sunrise), Latest Shema, Zman Tefillah, Chatzos (Midday), Mincha Gedola, Mincha Ketana, Plag HaMincha, Shkiah (Sunset), Tzais Hakochovim, etc.

In addition, most of the calendar available in the standard or premium packages are based off the zmanim.

Finally, Zmanim specific to your community and congregation!