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Have a bar mitzvah coming up?  Special shiur given by a prominent speaker or Rabbi? Want to announce the annual shul dinner?  Add it to the calendar system and let your members see it on the calendar. 

With the click of a button, you can add all sort of events to the calendar.

Event management also allows you to schedule single events that are time based, all day events or events that run over a set number of series.  Each event can have a special web landing page with more information.   You can limit who sees the event and decide if you want the event promoted on the home page.

Your members or community can register for the event, RSVP, and even pay for it.   You can limit the number of participants, close out registration dates and much more.

Event payment allows for early bird pricing, children prices and special pricing tiers.  Best of all, it is completely integrated with the billing system, accounting features, email system, membership database and the calendar software.

Event managers can view RSVP, attendance and money raised for each event.

For more information on the event tools, please contact us for a demo.