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ShulCloud offers comprehensive Yahrzeit management tools to help you and your members remember the passing of family members.

The yahrzeit data can be managed by both the members themselves and your shul's staff and volunteers. The relationship of the deceased is structured so that if multiple members in your congregation observe the same yahrzeit, the software knows. For example, if there are two brothers in the shul who lost their father, that father record will be associated directly to both brother members without duplication.

Yahrzeits show on the members private calendar, as do birthdays and anniversaries.

Gabbaim have reports that inform them of upcoming yahrzeits in order to remind them to give the member an honor or kibbud in shul on shabbos.

Reminder mailings, both email and print, can be generated and mass mailed to members offering them an additional reminder of the important date. We call these lifecycle events and help you help your members stay on top of important dates and events.