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Our exclusive fundraising module is 100% integrated into your ShulCloud account.  This fundraising software is designed to operate the way most synagogues handle their fundraising efforts. From capital campaigns to raising money for the local school or families, try this fundraising module out.
Features include:
  • Birds Eye View of the goal and donor
  • Assign solicitors to each Donor
  • Solicitors can do their own tasks, no extra work for office
  • Record custom fields on Donors.
  • Send Invoices, thank you letters etc.
  • Track as pledges convert to payments.
  • Online Payments go straight into fundraising system as part of the goal.
  • Notes/CMS Widget for public fundraising pages.
  • Special Account type for Donors only, they can only receive mail through Fundraising mail type.
  • Track upcoming meetings
  • After each meeting, record notes
Contact ShulCloud for details and discuss pricing options.