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The Gabbai is arguably the most under appreciated asset to a shul and optimizing the aspects of the job are critical to keeping the Gabbaim happy.  ShulCloud has many tools to keep the Gabbai organized, on target and data-driven.

The Kibbud reporting module lets you use data from the Gabbai management tools and display data to the Gabbai that they have never fully seen before.

The past kibbudim reports shows the Gabbi who got which honor or alyiah last, how much they pledged, why they got the alyiah and when are they due another alyiah.  It gives the Gabbai the tools to know if one person was the Chazan for Mussaf too often or not.  The transparency is clear and actionable.

The future kibbudim reports show who deserves to get an honor in the future.  We use data such as yahrzeit information, are they a chiuv, did they not receive an honor in a long-long time?  Using an algorithm to determine who should get honors, helps the Gabbai immensely.

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