Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is ShulCloud?
A) ShulCloud is a web cloud-based synagogue management software built from the ground-up that offers a complete package to synagogues. It has robust member billing features, detailed and social member management and relationship capabilities, incredibly smart calendar and scheduling software, an online member portal for paying bills, updating their records, a beautiful web site package and much more.

Q) Can you import our data from our existing software?
A) Yes. In fact, most of our customers have come from 3rd party systems including Rakefet, Chaverware, QuickBooks, Peachtree, ShulSuite, MM2000, SynagogueCloud, Salesforce, Temple Tracker, Marks for DOS, VisualMarks for Windows, V-Systems, Moses, CongMaster, CMS, or and others.

Q) How much does it cost to migrate?
A) At ShulCloud, you're in control. You can just sign up and pay the monthly fee or opt for our onboarding solutions which range from a one time fee of $150 - $3,600+ depending on the services you would like to take advantage of.

Q) Do I have to sign a long-term commitment?
A) No! Pay as you go. We aren’t of the belief that you should have to use software you do not like. Or if you are not happy with the customer service, you are stuck. You pay as you go with our software. So if you are not happy, just don’t pay. Most shuls pay monthly and can leave - if they wish - before their next monthly billing cycle. We are so confident you will love the software, we don’t have contractual yearly requirements.

Q) How much does it cost?
A) We only charge a monthly fee based on the three plans we offer on our plans page

Q) Does this replace my existing account receivables system for my synagogue?
A) Yes, this replaces your existing accounts receivables system.

Q) Do I still have to pay for web site hosting?
A) No, ShulCloud is your host. We manage the web site and all the software for you in the cloud. You just pay our monthly fee and we do the rest. This includes hosting, backups, redundancy, security upgrades, software upgrades and much more.

Q) Do I have to pay for future software updates?
A) No. As long as you continue to pay the ongoing monthly fee, all feature upgrades, security upgrades and server upgrades are free. Since this is a cloud-based software product, upgrades happen almost every day. So you get to enjoy all those new features as part of your monthly fee.

Q) Do you support Shuls outside of the United States?
A) Yes. We have shuls all over the world including as far as Australia. We have shuls all across America, plus in Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia, Israel, Australia, and many other countries. We support all languages, currencies and Jewish nusachs.

Q) Did you really build in Jewish halacha (law) into ShulCloud?
A) Yes. We are the only ones to have Jewish zmanim (times) powering the calendar system and other components of the calendar. From when you should have afternoon services on Yom Kippur to when you should observe a yahrtzeit, ShulCloud’s halacha code handles it all.

Q) Can you integrate with third-party accounting packages?
A) Yes. We directly connect to QuickBooks over the Internet and offer import and export options for PeachTree, MYOB and many other accounting packages. With QuickBooks we directly send the data through the Internet so that it ensures all your financial data matches up with a simple click of a button.

Q) Is ShulCloud Secure?
A) Yes. We don't store credit card information on our servers and SSL encrypt all payment transactions. We also offer the ability to have SSL enabled for other sensitive areas of your Synagogue's site.

Q) Can I Use My Own Domain (www.myshul.com)?
A) Yes. We provide everyone with a free subdomain (myshul.shulcloud.com) and when you are done setting up the site, we will assist you for free to move over to your www.myshul.com domain.

Q) How many people work at your company?
A) We have 20+ on-site programmers, designers and developers working in our 3,500 square feet high tech office.

Q) How do I ask more questions?
A) Email questions AT ShulCloud dot com.